MGRR - Any% - NG - R01

Slide into first enemies and blade mode cut yourself to 15+ combo, if you didn't get many limbs, do a Zandatsu. (BP: ~12k)
Jump up building, get chest BP, cut corridor guy if you need more BP.
For cow fight, compensate with higher combos or Zandatsu if low on BP or bad time-wise. (BP: 19k+)
Sneak to Wolf's place, customize after door, Commando Armor, HF+1, Defensive Offense.

Equip rockets, shoot 2 into Wolf, adjust to <72.2% (3 dodges, triple-hard combo, doubleslide+dodge, etc)
Equip homing, parry, shoot 5, final either timed, positioned, or aimed.

Pick up rocket on the way to Bridge. (Rockets: 9/5)
Home Hammerhead, 10x air attack, homing, 3x air attack, bm cut. Pick up homing to his right. (Rockets: 9/4)
Pick up rocket next to gate, home once, equip rocket, shoot twice. Pick up homing. (Rockets: 8/3, BP: ~14.5k)
Rocket first phase fan fight, rocket twice 2nd phase, Zandatsu if needed. (Rockets: 5/3, BP: ~18.5k)
Customize, Inferno Armor, Sky High. (BP: ~2.5k)
RP grenade after stairs (9), equip EM.

(EM: 9, Rockets: 0/0, BP: 16k+) Lock on, then EM. Swap to rockets, fire twice, hide behind double barrel.
2nd phase, BM dodge, shoot 2 rockets.
Checkpoint restart, walk up to her, fire, BM dodge, sky high, swap to homing, fire 3 times.
Customize, Polearm+1. (BP: 0+)

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