Q: Can we just skip the prologue? Ray is a bully and i don’t want to run the game because of him!!
A: No.
Ray is the one and only major RNG block in the entire run,
and as much as everyone would like to get rid of 10 seconds of
random timelosses at the start, he’s something that has barely
any effect on the run, since you can shave off 10 seconds somewhere else in a run.

Q: Can i just use macro to not mash anywhere?
A: Obvious answer - no.
Realistically, it doesn’t really matter if you mash your Ray/Armstrong with macro or not,
since the difference is less than 0.1 seconds, yet this places a severe risk of getting banned anywhere,
and you probably shouldn’t consider doing that, besides practicing runs.

Q: So technically, i can do a macro to do a Factory Skip everytime for practice purposes?
A: No.
MGR is not tied to the framedata, so setting up a consistent macro is not possible.
You’ll get more consistent results by doing the jumps yourself.

Q: How can i make my Polearm Jumps more consistent?
A: You can use something that DMC4SE speedruns do, aka offset logic.
If we don’t go very deep into it, you deliberately set an arbitrary point of
pressing a set amount of buttons by having visual + sound cues to hit that point as precisely as possible.
By having that point as your baseline (and seeing the results of the jump),
you then push the next set of buttons slightly earlier and watch how the result will change.
Same applies if you do it later. By changing your baseline points and learning how to directly
manipulate your own inputs for a more favorable outcome might potentially increase the odds of
getting Factory Skip in R01.

Q: Stealth sections in R02 work differently for me! Mastiffs trigger the alarm!
A: Release Ninja Run and walk a little bit longer than usual.
This is one of the places where overextending pays off big,
as triggering the alarm is a 7-10 seconds timeloss out of nowhere.

Q: Why exactly the very first R03 jump not work for me?
A: This has to do with the way MGR processes lock-on.
If there are any enemies nearby and you automatically lock onto these,
the jump height will be severely reduced and there’s no way of circumventing that,
besides killing the enemies around. Same mistake can occur in R04 Elevator, if you are not careful enough.

Q: Why does Monsoon never behave the way i want him to?
A: Likely, you’ve missed a setup, or pressed the P1/2/3 combo earlier than needed.
P3 should land slightly after Monsoon started running after waking up.

Q: Office setup with an RP Grenade leaves me with alarm,
and i can’t press the button without killing the Hammer lad.

A: You left a Gekko behind a Raptor, which means you’ve missed a Sky High.

Q: Sky High Cancels are hard!
A: Use other strategies, or change the way you practice SHC’s.
Focus on getting more consistency rather than getting more speed.
Speed can be increased anytime, whereas consistency of following
a specific rhythm is exactly what needs practice.

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